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The Club runs a number of friendly competitions each year based on attendance at runs and events, as well as a more motorsport focused competition. The rules and classes for these competitions can be found here.

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    The Sprite Car Club of Australia (Inc) is affiliated with the Combined Sports Car Association, and the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS), which is the controlling body for Motor Sport in Australia.

    The Combined Sports Car Association comprises the MG Car Club, MG Car Club Newcastle, the Morgan Owners' Club, the Austin Healey Owners' Club, the Triumph Sports Owners' Association, the Jaguar Drivers' Club, Club Lotus Australia, and the Sprite Car Club.  Once per year, each Club runs a "Supersprint", where cars are timed for five or six laps of a motor racing circuit.

    Any motor car is acceptable for one of these events, provided it is roadworthy and safe, and carries an approved fire extinguisher. Required dress for drivers are "neck-to-sleeve-to-ankle" non-flammable clothing, an approved helmet, sensible footwear, a CAMS Level 2 Speed (L2S), and the desire for some good fun.

    The Clubs compete against each other for an end-of-year Club Championship; there are also trophies for the Champion Driver, and for various Classes at each individual Event.

    Members also race in Historic Sports and Racing Car Association events as well as other events run by FoSC. These events require (other than for "Regularity" events) the vehicle to conform with the CAMS requirements for eligibility for the particular Class of racing; the Driver must also hold a CAMS General Competition Licence.

    Sprite Club Members also compete regularly in Motorkhanas and Rallies, where Sprites and Midgets, because of their great handling, usually perform very well.

    Donald Healey Tribute Races Bathurst 1998

    Did you know that Austin Healeys, including Sprites & so not so carefully disguised MG Midgets, raced at Bathurst in 1998 and 1999? Well they did and video footage of the 1998 race can be seen here 1998 Race I am sure that you will recognise a good number of the SCCA competitors and cars. If anyone has any details or photos/video of the 1999 race clould you please forward them to the Club Captain.

    CSCA Events for 2019             for further info contact David Baigent, Club captain

    CSCA Supersprint Round 1   Saturday 2nd March    Wakefield Park, Goulburn (CLA)

    CSCA Supersprint Round 2   Sunday 14th April      SMSP, South Circuit Sprite Car Club Event

    CSCA Supersprint Round 3   Saturday 25th May  SMSP, Druit Circuit (JDCA)

    CSCA Supersprint Round 4   Saturday 29th June  Wakefield Park, Goulburn(AHOC)

    CSCA Supersprint Round 5   Saturday 17th August  SMSP, Brabham Circuit (MOCA)

    CSCA Supersprint Round 6   Saturday 14th September  SMSP, Druit Circuit (MGCC)

    CSCA Supersprint Round 7   Sunday 10th November          Wakefield Park, Goulburn (TSOA)

    MRA/FOSC British Sports Car Race Series is back for 2019

    Round 1   Saturday 2nd February    Wakefield Park, Goulburn

    Round 2   Sunday 16th June      SMSP, Gardner Circuit

    Round 3   Saturday 24th August    Wakefield Park, Goulburn

    Round 4   Sarurday 5th october      SMSP, Druit Circuit

    Check out some of the great FOSC Racing in 2018 here 2018 Fosc Racing

    Club Supersprint 2019

    Enties for CSCA Round 2 are now open via CAMS Event Entry.

    Invitation letter for the SCCA Supersprint, round 2 of the CSCA series, can be found here.

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  • Supp regs for the SCCA Supersprint, CSCA Round 2, can be found here.

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  • A full Sporting Calendar for the 2019 Season, Including HSRCA and GEAR Events can be found here

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