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Historic Conditional Registration in NSW

Conditional Registration is a form of registration, issued by the RMS, for vehicles over 30 years old, as close to original condition as possible, and operated by a member of an RMS recognised club.

The RMS doesn't define "as close to original as possible" but leaves that to each individual club to determine. In our case, the SCCA Registrar makes the decision. We accept period modifications (such as disc brakes on Bugeyes, alloy wheels, fibreglass bonnets) as long as the car appears original. There are a number of modifications which we will not accept (such as wildly flared mudguards, engines or gearboxes other than BMC A-series etc) unless it can be demonstrated that the modification was actually done "in the period".

For a Registration Fee (including CTP) which hovers around $60 per year, Conditional Registration allows you to use your car:

  • for events organised by your Club
  • for events organised by another Club or recognised community organization, provided an official invitation has been received and documented by your Club
  • for servicing (obtain fuel, check tyre pressures, charge battery, check brakes etc) within a short distance from the place of garaging
  • for the inspection of the vehicle
  • for longer journeys where necessary, and where approved in advance by the Club's Secretary or Registrar

No, Conditional Registration doesn't allow you to use the car for a trip to the supermarket, the beach, the pub or coffee shop. If you use your vehicle for reasons other than as mentioned above, it will be considered unregistered and uninsured. The car that you might hit, or the person that you might injure, could cost you your family home.

The Sprite Car Club of Australia has RMS approval to issue Conditional Registration documents to our members, and to arrange for the renewal of Conditional Registration. We currently have over 100 vehicles on Conditional Registration. Most of these are Sprites and Midgets, but there are some other interesting vehicles on the list: Morris Minor, Lamborghini Espada, MGB, XU1 Torana, Triumph Spitfire, Indian Chief motocycle to name a few.

To get a vehicle on Conditional Registration, it needs to be inspected by the Registrar, and some RMS paperwork needs to be completed. The car needs to be in roadworthy condition, which can be demonstrated either by the Registrar's inspection or by presentation of a Safety Inspection Report ("Pink Slip"). It's really that easy.

The SCCA decided many years ago to charge $100 for initial Conditional Registration, and for annual renewals. We pay the RMS whatever their current fee happens to be, and the balance goes towards Club funds. However, in exchange for that contribution to the Club, the Member receives:

  • a Certificate issued by the British Motor Vehicle Heritage Trust (applies to Sprites and Midgets only)
  • free initial and annual inspection of the vehicle (which can save the cost of the Pink Slip)
  • free entry to the SCCA Annual Concourse
  • hassle-free registration renewal, as we take the paperwork to the RMS on your behalf.

Renewing your Conditional Registration is simple. As with your other vehicles, the RMS will mail you a Registration Renewal. Included with this will be an Historic Vehicle Declaration, which needs to be completed by both you and the SCCA Registrar. You need to demonstrate that the vehicle is roadworthy (again, inspection by the Registrar or presentation of a Pink Slip), and hand over the Registration Renewal accompanied by your $100 payment. The Registrar will then deliver the documentation to the RMS, read the latest copies of Sprite Torque or Classic and Sportscar Magazine while he waits in the queue, renew your registration and mail you the completed Registration papers. What could be easier?

Conditional Registration is a privilege of membership of the SCCA, and not a right. The 100+ vehicles mentioned above are saving our Club members over $70,000 each and every year in registration and insurance costs, simply because the RMS have authorised us to participate on the scheme. For this reason, any breach of the RMS or the Club's requirements regarding use of the vehicle, or renewal of the Registration, will be taken very seriously. For the benefit of all other members involve, breaches will be reported to the RMS, and the member concerned counselled with regard to the matter. Continued breach of the regulations will result in the member's expulsion from the SCCA.

So you have a 30 year old vehicle and want know more about Conditional Registration? Just phone or email the Registrar.

Colin Dodds, Registrar SCCA. ph: 0414 789 263

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